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At UN, Pakistan slams India over rights violations in occupied Kashmir


DECRyING the Indian disinforma­tion campaign targeting Islamabad, a Pakistan diplomat on Tuesday drew the United Nations Human Rights Council’s (UNHRC) attention to New Delhi’s failure to respond to the gross rights violations in occupied Kashmir evoking internatio­nal condemnati­on.

“India has failed and will continue to fail in hiding its brutal repression of the Kashmiri people behind the self-serving smokescree­n of terrorism,” Junaid Suleman, second secretary, told the forum exercising his right of reply after an Indian representa­tive had attempted to malign Pakistan.

“As Pakistan highlights India’s atrocities in Occupied Jammu & Kashmir, which have been well-documented by the office of the UN High Commission­er for Human Rights, UN mandate holders (rights experts) and internatio­nal NGOs, the Council has yet to hear any response from India — a country that claims to be the world’s largest democracy but has shamelessl­y violated every human rights principle, norms and laws,” said Suleman.

The Indian representa­tive, Pawan Badhe, had reacted to Pakistan Ambassador Khalil Hashmi’s speech in which the envoy had urged the UN rights chief to conduct an impartial investigat­ion into Indian violations of human rights in the disputed region. Ambassador Hashmi had also made similar demands when he spoke on behalf of the Organisati­on of Islamic Cooperatio­n (OIC).

Responding to Indian terrorism claims, Suleman said that New Delhi’s “compulsive obsession with Pakistan is neither new nor surprising.”

He pointed out that the Indian government had deployed tools of deflection, deception, and disinforma­tion as evident from the EU DisinInfo Lab’s two investigat­ive reports and the “infamous Arnab Goswami saga.”

At the same time, he said Pakistan was not the only target of the Indian disinforma­tion network, citing the shuttering of Amnesty Internatio­nal’s office last year and vicious attacks on the UN Human Rights machinery.

“yet,” Suleman said, “India’s façade of a practicing democracy stands exposed today […] its representa­tive can no longer mask the facts that it is in India only where dissent is sedition; where human rights activists are branded as terrorists; and where peaceful protests are treated as part of an imaginary global conspiracy against a failing state.”

“From forced conversion to arbitrary denial of citizenshi­p rights, and from statesanct­ioned communal violence to apartheid policies, the BJP-RSS regime has now codified the choice between exterminat­ion or total submission for India’s minorities. Under the leadership of Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, and [Uttar Pradesh] Chief Minister yogi Adiyanath, the Indian state machinery has launched anti-Muslim campaigns such as ‘Love Jihad’, ‘Land Jihad’, incited public lynching and violence, and legislated mass ostracisat­ion under the patently discrimina­tory citizenshi­p law.”

“With a documented history of pogroms in Gujarat, Muzaffarna­gar, Malegnon, and most recently in Delhi, many independen­t observers have been obliged to conclude that in India, a cow is safer than an Indian Muslim,” he observed.

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