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Lahore gymkhana Club EMPLOYEES Protest against DISMISSAL

- Shahab omer

In the name of non-availabili­ty of funds and overstaffi­ng, the executive body of Lahore Gymkhana has sacked around 40 employees.

The sacked employees included gardener, watchmen and other low-ranking staffers.

The sacked employees protested against the dismissals outside the club here on Monday and Tuesday. According to details, on Monday afternoon, the fired employees staged a protest demo against the club management and chanted slogans and demanded that they be reinstated.

Reliable sources in the Club informed that the decision was taken by the executive body as most of the employees were recruited by the previous body. however, many of those employees who were close to retirement were also fired, the sources said.

A club employee said the decision by management was not only shocking but also worrying.

“It is a club visited by the city’s elite, including current and retired bureaucrat­s, judges, lawyers, journalist­s and politician­s. The club also receives a substantia­l amount in the membership fees head. It is surprising that there are no funds for the salaries of employees for this elite,” the employee said.

The employee said the dismissals have created an atmosphere of uncertaint­y among serving employees of the club and the management should reverse the decision in the current situation where inflation is skyrocketi­ng.

Speaking to Pakistan Today, Brigadier Olad hussain Rizvi, Secretary of executive committee at Lahore Gymkhana club, said, “The financial position of the club is not strong, therefore, we had to fire some employees. In addition to this reason, the previous committee had hired more employees than required.”

Rizvi further added, “There are three assistants working where one assistant is required. Considerin­g these facts, the club has to terminate some employees”.

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