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“hascol’s restructur­ing is nearly complete” – Sir alan Duncan, Chairman, hascol Petroleum Ltd


hascol Petroleum has just concluded its muchawaite­d Annual General Meeting (AGM), in which its Chairman, former UK Foreign Minister Sir Alan Duncan, stated that the company is nearing agreement on a complete restructur­ing of its debt. he went on to say: “2021 has been a dramatic year during which your Board has worked tirelessly to turn the company around. I believe we are making good progress in doing so, and I am pleased to be able to explain some of the steps we have taken over the last few months. First, we have published the 2020 accounts, and in doing so we have cleaned them up and corrected some previous entries which did not meet our high standards. We are now working hard on the 2021 quarterly accounts, and hope to be up-todate with them within a few weeks. hascol replaced the Company’s auditors. Baker Tilly are working closely now with our Finance Department on all our accounts and processes. Our CEO and CFO have worked exceptiona­lly long hours under great pressure and, along with all the other employees of hascol, they deserve our gratitude and appreciati­on. It is not just hascol which has had a difficult year. The entire OMC sector has had a challengin­g time both with market conditions and with the regulatory environmen­t. Many of the problems OMCS have faced have not been of their own making, and we are pleased that the Government has taken positive steps on forex protection and retail margins which should help all companies in the sector. hascol’s main pressure is that it has been seriously constraine­d by tight liquidity, and the Company would not have survived without the patient and continuing support of its major shareholde­r. The Company is carrying a heavy burden of accumulate­d debt. Servicing that debt has cost as much as the scale of its total losses. In order to address this, the Company has been in detailed negotiatio­ns with its bankers.

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