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Prime accused in Sialkot lynching arrested: Fawad Ch


Minister for Informatio­n and Broadcasti­ng Fawad Chaudhry stated on Tuesday that the Sialkot incident was condemned across the country and all the main accused involved in the tragic incident have been arrested.

The nation was shell-shocked and disgusted when a Sri Lankan national was brutally lynched and his body was set on fire by a mob in Sialkot. The sickening incident outraged the nation as the civil and military leaders denounced it as “horrific” “shameful” and “extra-judicial vigilantis­m”.

The minister said this during a meeting with Sri Lanka’s High Commission­er to Pakistan Mohan Vijay Vikrama here.

Fawad also expressed profound regret over the incident and informed the high commission­er about the steps taken by the government after the incident.

The high commission­er said the Sri Lankan government was satisfied with the steps taken by the government of Pakistan and this tragic incident would not affect the relations between the two countries.

Clerics belonging to the All Pakistan Ulema Council (APUC) held a condolence reference on Tuesday at Sri Lankan High Commission to condemn the heinous Sialkot lynching incident.

The gathering was held to express solidarity with the bereaved family and the Sri Lankan government and people over the incident.

During a press conference today, religious scholar Mufti Taqi Usmani said that the incident was highly condemnabl­e and was “against the teachings of Islam”.

“The lynching was inhumane and against the teachings of Islam. Even though a price cannot be put on an individual’s life, I would urge the federal government to pay compensati­on to the family members of the victim,” Usmani said.

The religious scholar further added that everyone in the council was of the same opinion that the culprits involved in the brutal act should be punished according to the law.

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