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Readers Say I want to scream that this is such an issue in Pakistan. So glad Meriyum Ali wrote this. Also, on a side note. Though I don't want to take away the thunder, about 10 months ago I pitched a similar article to my former editor who brushed it off saying 'Oh Pakistan doesn't have such an issue'. The curse of a bad editor is real people. Venturing into the difficult domain of generalise­d personal finance advice, as each individual’s situation can vary. FarooqTirm­izi proposes some general principles, applying some of which might help in formulatin­g an individual plan. Apropos: When is the right time to buy a home? @mshabirawa­n, Twitter Apropos: So you want to buy a bra in Pakistan. What are your options? Really nice article. What's the logic of 3 annual income? I mean how and why did you come up with this number? Also do you advise to put in all savings for home? Answer from Farooq Tirmizi: That’s the number that typically keeps the monthly mortgage payment below 30% of monthly income. Hence affordable. It gets more difficult if it’s higher. Send me an e-mail and I can offer more personaliz­ed advice for your needs. @AnnamL0dhi, Twitter My friend's husband from the UK started an under garment business in Islamabad going back 15 or years ago. It didn't work. I was in Pak earlier this year and it was crazy how the one shop was hidden in a corner of the shopping mall. Apropos: So you want to buy a bra in Pakistan. What are your options? Apropos: When is the right time @ChaudharyY­asmine, Twitter to buy a home? @sXahir, Twitter Hope some decent local options are created soon. Though widely available in local bazars, the concepts of right type and fit are alien to even middle class consumers with more exposure. I compliment Profit for their investment­s in research and developmen­t that is producing articles like this one.The only addition I can think of as far as solutions is the standardis­ation and digitisati­on of the industry, procedures, and all other matters. Pakistan produces the best mutton, beaf available for the organic meats. Please standardis­e/digitise the industry, products, procedures, for storage/freeze, slaughter, quality of live stock ratings, meat ratings, and dis-claimer. Give quality to your prospect, and take profits to your home. Apropos: So you want to buy a bra in Pakistan. What are your options? @duskyz, Twitter Another thing you can’t just go out and buy. Is this taboo also the reason you can’t find any nice bras here? This is a basic necessity. Apropos: So you want to buy a bra in Pakistan. What are your options? @xqzmymonol­ogue, Twitter Apropos: Pakistan should be on top of the halal meat export industry. Instead we’re number 18. Read this mag for the first time today specifical­ly for this cover story. Well-put and quite informativ­e. Inspired to open up my own little business. Haroon Rashid, Website Apropos: So you want to buy a bra in Pakistan. What are your options? Could they not invest in matric schools or FSc colleges? Pakistan does not need any more of these actors, musicians and other entertainm­ent industry people. We already have plenty of those. The need of the hour is good STEM education. If we fix the colleges, then the uplifting of standards in universiti­es will follow. @areejmalik­asad, Twitter A story about bras and women's labour force participat­ion on the front cover of Profit just made my day. Thank you to the writer, Meriyum Ali, for covering this important topic. Apropos: Treet Corporatio­n says goodbye to its for-profit education company Apropos: So you want to buy a bra in Pakistan. What are your options? Ali, Website @malik_warda7, Twitter A very wise move from miniso. This is a very astute strategic move. This way, miniso, which is already quite popular for the kinds of products people usually buy online, will now be able to cover the maximum potential of ecommerce in Pakistan. Though it is a bit late, since they really should have gotten to this much, much sooner than they have, it is better late than never. But again, the potential is huge in terms of growth and numbers. One of those stories that would only happen in Pakistan - the Taseer business empire basically collapsed after Salman Taseer's assassinat­ion in 2011 because businesses refused to work with a family that had stood up for a false blasphemy allegation. However, still no excuse for Daily Times not paying its employees salaries for months on end. HOW TO CONTACT profit@pakistanto­ Apropos: Media Times, the Taseerowne­d media conglomera­te, consider selling off their TV channels Apropos: Miniso acquires Cheezmall subsidiary ToSharing @AsadPabani, Twitter Haider, Website COMMENTS 10

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