Profit : 2020-10-26

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Saudi Arabia’s National Commercial Bank to acquire Samba d The largest bank by assets in Saudi Arabia is entering Pakistan. O ne Saudi Arabian bank is buying another Saudi Arabian bank. What does this have to Pakistan? Quite a bit actually. On merger where Samba Financial Groups’ entire Samba Financial Group has been operating in is entering the country. This has huge reperreaso­n to pay attention to this deal. That is a Saudi billionair­e who always seemed to be present at the wrong place at the wrong time. being connected to Bin Laden and the 9/11 - - this is not your average bank that is about to enter Pakistan. to Samba permanentl­y in 2003. The group has - been establishe­d not much earlier in 2002 - - The bank was constitute­d as a general 30

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