Profit : 2020-10-26

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Former Maxus MD Sarwar Khan joins the Digital Engagement Network Armed with two seasoned leaders from Maxus, the year-old MCB, Uber, Nestlé, Stylo, RDX, By Babar Khan Javed vertisers are taking a lot of interest in this as at $10b this year.” - ate a lot of engagement and salience for the intelligen­ce layer which matches brands and the performanc­e of the campaign. He added that the feedback from both stakeholde­rs has been positive. Within six months of being formed, the DEN welcomed Umais Naveed, formerly business manager at Maxus, as the business days on the job, Naveed locked and led campaigns for FarmPure, Uber, Nestlé, and Stylo, with campaigns for RDX, AkzoNobel, and Carrefour around the corner. per year business opportunit­y in Pakistan,” by brand reviews, brand mentions, audience informatio­n, the recency of posts, and most importantl­y campaign performanc­e data.” DEN gives marketers the ability to create an - ing or upcoming campaign, specify audience demographi­cs or psychograp­hics, and see audience size, a relevance score based on the target audience of the marketer campaign, - encer credit score. The platform then allows campaign planners to deliver content to & measured campaign. - plete tracking, monitoring, fraud detection in the logistical processes for creatives and approvals,” said Mahmood. “The recent addition to the founders team has been the media mogul Sarwar Khan [and is] one of the most S arwar Khan, the former managing director of Maxus in Pakistan, has joined the Digital Engagement Network (DEN) as a partner and - encer marketing marketplac­e and self-serve campaign planning platform similar to Kyndoo, DEN was co-founded in late 2019 by Muhammad Ibrahim and Bilal Mahmood, respective­ly the co-founders of Agilitize, a software business. “With lockdown and nowhere to go, everyday and they are broadcasti­ng engaging content relating to fashion, travel, food, music, education, tech etc to woo their followers,” said Khan, who is also the co-founder of IG Square, a media buying house specializi­ng data, content, and technology. “This trend is gaining a lot of momentum globally, especially as millennial­s ignore traditiona­l media for the homemade content of online stars and ad- ADVERTISIN­G 35

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