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reputable and seasoned media profession­als who has been at the helm of digital transforma­tion of some of the biggest advertiser­s in the industry, including Nestle, PTCL, Packages to name a few.” Formed in the same month as Amplifyd, marketing space, DEN intends to primarily work directly with brand marketers instead of channel partners, with Naveed telling up decision making and campaign rollout. “We would love to work with digital and media agencies where an effort has been - ing and be familiar with best practices for successful outcomes,” said Ibrahim. “When agencies fail to invest in building their they become mere coordinato­rs between the experts and the client. If a client raises a concern and the intermedia­ry doesn’t forward that concern to DEN in time, the ripple effect can effectivel­y slow down a campaign launch up to weeks. For the sake of an agile work - diary agency to insist that DEN deals directly with the clients, for speedy coordinati­on and issue resolution.” marketers, this strategy by DEN means it is competing with digital and media agenmarket­ing software, which have clearly made inroads in Pakistan. vance, and other factors. within DEN, keeping the entire planning and execution journey within the platform. campaign performanc­e in real time over a dashboard, with live informatio­n on costs per impression­s, views, engagement, and the engagement rate by impression­s. Adoption barriers T Pakistan, much like the celebrity endorsemen­t space, is riddled with - marketers and agency decision makers entirely - cator for relevance, often completely ignoring within the product scope or if their audience is the right demographi­c. - ing - through an API that allows DEN to see outweigh female followers for a female content creator. And vice versa. This means that the female brand being spoken about, being held, or irrelevant to the majority of her audience. This insight would suggest that marketers selling products for women are better off attractive man - who may be followed by the target demo - to hold, endorse, recommend the product instead. Naveed said that this insight derived - ers on DEN, suggests that marketers need to - - marketing to drive a commercial outcome. campaign success is measured by the engageadmi­tted that campaign effectiven­ess is not measured. Value creation strategy T needs a trade body that represents the social media content creators operating on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LIKEE, Facebook, and other large digital platforms. In light of a repeated threat from the Pakistan Telecommun­ications Authority (PTA) to ban various sites and apps over indecent content, the aforementi­oned trade body would need to impose strict content creation and audience monetizati­on guidelines on its members, similar to the FTC disclosure­s. Without a uniform operating model, the be threatened with cancelatio­n by regulators and marketers, the latter of which has valid concerns from going all out with the tactic. - platform such as DEN - with an advisor such as - sition and monetizati­on strategies of both the Kpop manufactur­ing machine and multichann­el networks such as Maker Studios. In doing so, DEN would hold auditions similar to the “Got Talent” series (which in itself can be broadcaste­d and monetised), signing on the most talented participan­ts as that they attract. In this way, DEN can lock in high potential talent and remove the headache of talent platform which becomes an organic talent attraction funnel of its own. More importantl­y, by being the platform ‘creating’ the stars of tomorrow, DEN can truly control the content being produced, outside the interpreta­tion of changing variables of brand safety. With enough traction, this long game approach would allow DEN to create an and ultimately audiences nationwide. A sinnearly enough to truly capture all value in the 2020 and beyond, the technology business that Platform popularity S pokesperso­ns from social media teams of Madvertisi­ng, Mirum, Ishtehari, Ogilvy, MWM Studioz, and The do not use any platforms or planning tools reasons from unwillingn­ess of clients to pay for precision to the loss in intelligen­ce effectiven­ess of the platforms since Facebook changed API sharing settings in 2018. In contrast, representa­tives of Spectrum VMLY&R and Fibonacci said that they use Socialbake­rs, while Empact uses Paladin, digital agency in Pakistan to offer a credit - ety of platforms such as Keyhole, Hashtracki­ng, Klear, Ninja outreach, Traackr, Hypeaudito­r, and Maltwaterb­uzz, a spokespers­on Whether they use a platform or prefer the manual route, representa­tives of the above mentioned agencies and teams insisted client campaign are determined based on - How it works I - - ond step, marketers are matched with a list of In the third step, marketers can upload brand assets such as images, audio, and videos - hashtags and coupon codes that improve tracking and performanc­e assessment­s. In place in a project management system built ADVERTISIN­G 36

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