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WELCOME A key policy success It is our contention that – for all our complainin­g about corruption and incompeten­ce – every administra­tion in Pakistani history has been able to achieve at least one or two big policy goals that are good for the people of Pakistan, in one form or another. We suspect that when the history of the Imran Khan Administra­tion is written, one of the big successes that will be pointed to is the Sehat Insaf program. In a nutshell, the Sehat Insaf program provides health insurance to low income Pakistanis. The government already provides access to free, if struggling, government­run hospitals and clinics throughout the country, but by now, we are all well aware of the stories of just how much of a shambles the public health system in Pakistan has historical­ly been, especially outside the major cities. The key success of the Sehat Insaf program is that it pays the health insurance premiums of low income Pakistanis to allow them access to a network of doctors and hospitals that includes the private sector health system as well, thereby eliminatin­g – or at least significan­tly reducing – one big difference between being poor and being middle and upper class in Pakistan. The rich and the middle class can afford to see a doctor or go to a hospital in the private sector and expect a somewhat better quality of care. The poor had previously been shunted into large government hospitals and clinics where the overstretc­hed staff did their very best to offer sufficient care. Now, with the Sehat Insaf card, any Pakistani can access the full spectrum of care, with the poor no longer restricted to just government hospitals – hopefully easing the burden on those brave public servants – while creating more equity in healthcare access. Farooq Tirmizi Managing Editor Profit Execu ve Editor: Babar Nizami Managing Editor: Farooq Tirmizi Joint Editor: Yousaf Nizami Reporters: Ariba Shahid Babar Khan Javed Syeda Masooma Taimoor Hassan Abdullah Niazi Meiryum Ali Hassan Naqvi Shahab Omer Director Marke ng: Zahid Ali Regional Heads of Marke ng: Muddasir Alam (Khi) Zulfiqar Bu (Lhr) Mudassir Iqbal (Isl) Layout: Ahmad Salahuddin Photograph­ers: Zubair Mehfooz & Imran Gillani Publishing Editor: Arif Nizami Business, Economic & Financial news by 'Pakistan Today' Contact: profit@pakistanto­ l l l l l l l l l l l l l l 9 FROM THE MANAGING EDITOR

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