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The power of mighty me­dia is sel­dom un­der­es­ti­mated. Pak­istan is a coun­try where com­mu­ni­ca­tion reach­ing the masses through the me­dia af­fects buy­ing be­hav­iours. The chang­ing trends of me­dia re­shape dif­fer­ent brands ad ex­pen­di­tures and, in turn, their po­si­tion­ing in the con­sumer’s mind. De­spite the global com­mu­ni­ca­tion trend that is shift­ing to dig­i­tal me­dia, tele­vi­sion and print are still the big play­ers in Pak­istan. Ever since the ad­vent of tele­vi­sion in the coun­try, it has en­joyed max­i­mum na­tional reach. It com­mu­ni­cates with the au­di­ence ir­re­spec­tive of the lit­er­acy rate. Print, or dig­i­tal and out­door me­dia for that mat­ter, de­pend on the lit­er­acy rate to a great ex­tent when tak­ing reach into con­sid­er­a­tion. Print is right af­ter tele­vi­sion in terms of reach, es­pe­cially in the ur­ban ar­eas, fol­lowed by ra­dio which en­joys greater pen­e­tra­tion in the ru­ral ar­eas. Out­door is an im­por­tant medium as well and has re­gained con­sid­er­able pen­e­tra­tion over re­cent years as a re­sult of high qual­ity vinyl print­ing. The dig­i­tal medium is still in its in­fancy in Pak­istan and does not at­tract ad spend in com­pet­i­tive vol­umes.

Dur­ing the fis­cal year 2012-13, me­dia ad spend in tele­vi­sion stood at Rs. 21.73 bil­lion, rep­re­sent­ing 61% share of the to­tal ad spend dur­ing the year. The share of tele­vi­sion had an in­crease of 11% that rose from Rs. 19.62 bil­lion dur­ing 2011-12 to Rs. 21.73 bil­lion in 2012-13. The me­dia ex­pen­di­ture of ads on tele­vi­sion in­creased from Rs. 32.82 bil­lion in 2011-12 to Rs. 35.85 bil­lion in 2012-13. The over­all share of tele­vi­sion in me­dia ad ex­pen­di­ture rose 1% dur­ing the fis­cal year in con­sid­er­a­tion and stood at 61% at the end of the year. Satel­lite tele­vi­sion chan­nels com­prise 83% and Rs. 18.079 bil­lion of the to­tal ad spend of tele­vi­sion and have seen an in­crease of 16% when com­pared to the last fis­cal year. Ter­res­trial chan­nels on the other hand com­prise 17% and rep­re­sent Rs. 3.651 bil­lion, in­di­cat­ing an in­crease of 9% from the last fis­cal year.

Among TV chan­nels, Geo News rep­re­sents a 20% in­crease in rev­enue, whereas PTV Home has fallen from the first to the third place this year. Geo News makes up 12% of the to­tal per­cent­age share of TV and PTCL stands at 10%. Hum TV has seen a mon­u­men­tal in­crease of 48% rev­enue dur­ing the fis­cal year 2012-13 and stands in the third place, pre­vi­ously fifth dur­ing 2011-12, in terms of to­tal ad spend share of tele­vi­sion. The top five TV chan­nels ac­count for 47% of the to­tal me­dia ad spend and in­clude Geo En­ter­tain­ment and ATV as well.

In terms of prod­uct cat­e­gories ad­ver­tised on tele­vi­sion, mo­bile phones and telecom­mu­ni­ca­tion stay ahead of all oth­ers by a good 23% share of spend. Car­bon­ated and soft drinks make up 6% of the ad-spend, whereas de­ter­gents com­prise 5%. De­ter­gents also re­main the top ad­ver­tised cat­e­gory on cooking chan­nels. The com­pa­nies most ad­ver­tised on TV are Unilever Pak­istan with 13% share, PTCL with 6% and Proc­ter and Gam­ble Pak­istan with 5% share. The most ad­ver­tised brands in­clude Coca Cola, Surf Excel, Ariel, Moun­tain Dew, Head & Shoul­ders, Te­lenor TalkShawk, Ufone, Det­tol Soap and Safe­guard.

Print and its reach in­vari­ably de­pends on lit­er­acy. Print ad spend rev­enue has in­creased by 5%, from Rs. 7.427 bil­lion in 2011-12 to Rs. 7.77 bil­lion in 2012-13. The over­all me­dia ad spend share of print de­creased in the re­ferred fis­cal years by 1% and stood at 22% dur­ing 2012-13. Among news­pa­pers, Jang main­tains a 36% share; Dawn stands at 19% fol­lowed by Daily Ex­press, The News and Nawa-i-Waqt. News­pa­pers com­prise a whole­some 98% of print ad spend whereas mag­a­zines com­prise 2%. The ad spend share of news­pa­pers has in­creased by 4% when com­pared to the fis­cal year 2011-12. The ad spend share of mag­a­zines on the other hand has in­creased by 17%. Two mag­a­zines, Akhbar-e-Ja­han and Mag, oc­cupy 48% and 18%, re­spec­tively.

The top ad­ver­tised prod­uct cat­e­gories in print are 16 % clas­si­fied ad­ver­tis­ing. Legal and other no­tices com­prise 13% whereas ed­u­ca­tional in­sti­tu­tions rep­re­sent 10% share of print ad spend. Among the com­pa­nies, Geo TV Net­work col­lec­tively com­prises 6% whereas PTCL, Ex­press Group and PPP-P com­prise 2% share each. The most ad­ver­tised brands in print are Geo TV Net­work with 6% share. The brands that fol­low in­clude Bahria Town, Ex­press Group, Chan­nel 5, Park View, Aaj News, Waqt and cor­po­rate ad­ver­tis­ing of Ufone, HBL and NBP com­pris­ing 1% share each dur­ing the fis­cal year 2012-13.

Out­door, ra­dio and in­ter­net ad spend shares com­prise 6%, 4% and 1% shares of the to­tal ad me­dia spend, re­spec­tively. They rep­re­sent com­par­a­tively less reach than tele­vi­sion and print which oc­cupy a mon­u­men­tal share of me­dia spend in any par­tic­u­lar fis­cal year. The trend will shift to dig­i­tal me­dia very grad­u­ally as the lit­er­acy rate im­proves in or­der for it to keep pace with the global change in me­dia and com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

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