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The level of tol­er­ance in our so­ci­ety has dropped down to a record low. In past few weeks, in­ci­dents of un­prece­dented vi­o­lence have oc­curred to sub­stan­ti­ate this claim. First of all bru­tal and un­just killing of Mr. Rashid and bravest hu­man rights ac­tivists. He was gunned down in Mul­tan for his sup­port to a young man Ju­naid Hafeez, lec­turer in Ba­haud­din Zakariya Univer­sity, Mul­tan ac­cused of re­li­gious blas­phemy. Af­ter She­baz Bhatti and Sal­man Taseer, Mr.Rashid Rehman was made silent for pro­mot­ing the cause of hu­man rights and re­li­gious tol­er­ance. On sev­eral oc­ca­sion he was threat­ened for his life but no mea­sures was taken to pro­vide op­ti­mum se­cu­rity to him. Mr.Rehman will be re­mem­bered for his iconic work for work he has done for the pro­mo­tion of hu­man rights. Since Rights Com­mis­sion of Pak­istan and has re­mained as a de­fence lawyer for sev­eral blas­phemy cases and thou­sands of hu­man rights cases in­clud­ing that of Muk­taran Mai’s case. In­tol­er­ance has been imbed­ded into our so­ci­ety with deep rooted seep­age of var­i­ous clashes of in­ter­est and ide­olo­gies. Re­cent me­dia cam­paign of one me­dia house against the other is also wor­ri­some game which can en­gulf the en­tire coun­try into state of chaos. In a re­cent de­ba­cle done by one of the leading chan­nel, the ri­val chan­nels started us­ing the tool of re­li­gious big­otry and ha­tred to gun each other down. Those who are ac­cused had made pub­lic apol­ogy but still those hav­ing dis­gust for the me­dia house are putting all their ef­forts to out­pour the venom. This has be­come a threat­en­ing since the en­vi­ron­ment of hate is af­fect­ing the lives of thou­sands of work­ers at­tached to the me­dia house, for most among them this is the sole source for their bread and but­ter. Last but not the least the re­cent with Syria and Cameroon, re­stric­tion was im­posed as the coun­try has re­mained largely failed to meet in­ter­na­tional

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