Hey­dar Aliyev- of Azer­bai­jan

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he his­tory knows the names of with their na­tions dur­ing the days of need and led them to the pros­per­ous fu­ture. Hey­dar Aliyev was one of such lead­ers who made mod­ern Azer­bai­jan, a coun­try of civ­i­liza­tion, high cul­ture and most har­mo­nious mix­ture of an­cient his­tory with strong tra­di­tions and the bold­est mod­ernism, and thus en­graved his name to the his­tory. The great jour­ney of de­vel­op­ment that has made Azer­bai­jan stood amongst the great­est na­tions of the world is cor­re­lated to the life and ef­forts of Hey­dar Aliyev. This name is steadily con­nected with the so­cio-po­lit­i­cal, eco­nomic and cul­tural up­lift of the peo­ple of the coun­try as well. Hey­dar Aliyev was a leader of his nation pro­vid­ing them hope and op­ti­mism in the era of de­spair and dis­trust. With his wise and fore­sighted poli­cies, great Azer­bai­jani leader Hey­dar Aliyev is the ar­chi­tect of what Azer­bai­jan is to­day; in­de­pen­dent, eco­nom­i­cally de­vel­oped and strate­gi­cally im­por­tant amongst com­mu­nity of na­tions. Pres­i­dent Hey­dar

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