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So­lu­tion: Airy, Army, Arty, Many, Mayo, Nary, Tiny, Tray, Tyro, Yarn, Amity, Irony, Mayor, Minty, Mo­ray, Rainy, Rayon, No­tary, Mi­na­tory. 9-let­ter word: MATRIMONY

The Par­adise quiz an­swers 1. Lae. 2. Michael Marum. 3. Sir Rab­bie Na­maliu. 4. A To­lai man in cos­tume, rep­re­sent­ing a male spirit. 5. Kakaruk is the Tok Pisin word for chicken. 6. Novem­ber. 7. Lake Mur­ray. 8. Fed­er­ated Sates of Mi­crone­sia (north); Solomon Is­lands (east); Aus­tralia (south); In­done­sia (west). 9. $41. 10. Shang­hai. (Air Ni­ug­ini is sched­uled to start flights there in March.) 11. A fa­mous Shang­hai soup dumpling of pork and juices (the soup). 12. Raf­fles. 13. In­dia. 14. True. 15. The four in Asia are China, North Korea, Viet­nam and Laos. Cuba is the only other com­mu­nist state in the world.

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