The Par­adise Quiz

Paradise - - Brain Gym Puzzles -

7. Which PNG lo­ca­tion is fur­ther north: Port Moresby, Po­pon­detta or Good­e­nough Is­land?

8. Nus is the Toki Pisin word for which part of the body?

9. What is the largest rice- pro­duc­ing coun­try in the world?

10. Lap lap is a baked pud­ding orig­i­nat­ing from which South Pa­cific coun­try?

11. The en­dan­gered mon­key- eat­ing ea­gle is the na­tional sym­bol of which coun­try near PNG? 12. The na­tional an­them of which coun­try is in mi­cro text on the back of the coun­try’s $1000 note? Hint: Air Ni­ug­ini flies to this coun­try five times a week.

13. Where in In­dia is Bol­ly­wood?

14. In the novel Mutiny on the Bounty, who leads the mutiny in Tahiti and what is the name of the cap­tain who loses his ship to the mu­ti­neers?

15. What is the In­done­sian rice dish pic­tured?

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