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Wheel Words

So­lu­tion: Beer, Beet, Belt, Best, Bled, Blue, Blur, Bred, Brut, Burl, Bust, Debt, Drub, Lube, Slub, Stub, Tube, Beret, Be­set, Be­tel, Bleed, Bluer, Blues, Bluet, Blurt, Breed, Brute, Burst, Bused, De­but, Lubed, Rebel, Re­bus, Re­but, Tubed, Tu­ber, Belted, Bested, Bluest, Burled, Busted, Buster, Bus­tle, But­ler, Sub­let, Sub­tle, Tre­ble, Blurted, Blus­ter, Bus­tled, Sub­tler, Tre­bled. 9-let­ter word: BLUSTERED

The Par­adise Quiz

1. Port Moresby. 2. Over-wa­ter stilt houses in Port Moresby. 3. Kina. 4. 300cm. 5. Aus­tralia, Fed­er­ated States of Mi­crone­sia, Solomon Is­lands, New Cale­do­nia (France). 6. Rio 16,235km, Ot­tawa 14,294km Moscow 12,085km. 7. 1932. 8. Both. 9. Tokyo. 10. Manila. 11. Cairns Post. 12. China. ( Xi­ao­long­bao are Shang­hai soup dumplings.) 13. The equa­tor. 14. Van­u­atu. 15. Be­tel nut.

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