Cho­co­la­te Hills

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Ti­na: –Pre­pa­re the ca­me­ra, Gelt. We will ta­ke tasty photos in Bohol Pro­vin­ce, Phi­lip­pi­nes.

Gel­tru­de: –Really? Why would the­se photos be


Ti­na: –Be­cau­se the­se hills are ca­lled "Cho­co­la­te Hills".

Gel­tru­de: –Yum!... cho­co­la­te! I lo­ve it! Why do they call them like that?

Ti­na: –Be­cau­se they are co­ve­red with green grass that turn brown du­ring the dry season and look like cho­co­la­te.

Gel­tru­de: –I think I found the per­fect pla­ce to


Ti­na: –Hahaha, me too!

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