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Gel­tru­de: –What a beau­ti­ful pla­ce. Looks li­ke a giant gar­den. What's it ca­lled, Ti­na? Ti­na: –It is ca­lled Xo­chi­mil­co, Gel­tru­de, is a de­le­ga­tion of the Fe­de­ral Dis­trict of Me­xi­co. Look?, we are su­rroun­ded by chan­nels and flo­wers. Gel­tru­de: –Lo­ve it! And how are tho­se little boats ca­lled? Ti­na: –Ah, good question, Gelt. They are ca­lled tra­ji­ne­ras. They are de­co­ra­ted with flo­ral ar­ches. So­me­ti­mes na­mes are ma­de with flo­wers, to de­co­ra­te an en­ga­ge­ment or to ce­le­bra­te so­meo­ne. Can you ima­gi­ne one tra­ji­ne­ra with your na­me ma­de of dai­sies? It would be ni­ce. Gel­tru­de: –Wow! I lo­ve it. Hey, Gelt, why do not we rent one tra­ji­ne­ra and see mo­re of Xo­chi­mil­co? Ti­na: –Great, and by the way we ta­ke the chan­ce to lis­ten to a good ma­ria­chi. Gel­tru­de: –And a good lunch too, be­cau­se I’m hungry. Ti­na: –Do not worry, here they ser­ve de­li­cious food.

de­li­cio­sas. co­mi­das sir­ven acá preo­cu­pes, te No– Ti­na:

ham­bre. ten­go ya por­que tam­bién, al­muer­zo buen un con Y– Gel­tru­de:

ma­ria­chi. buen un con de­lei­ta­mos nos y apro­ve­cha­mos pa­so de y Ge­nial,– Ti­na:

Xo­chi­mil­co? de más co­no­ce­mos y tra­ji­ne­ra una ren­ta­mos no qué por¿ Gelt, Hey, en­can­ta­ría. Me Guau!–¡ Gel­tru­de:

bueno. Se­ría mar­ga­ri­tas? de he­cho nom­bre tu con Fill in the blanks with

and They are de­co­ra­ted with ______________. Great and ___________ we ta­ke the chan­ce to lis­ten to a good ma­ria­chi

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