DENRICK ALCARAZ took on the family business of raising quails for egg production. Being the eldest of a family with three boys, it was a natural progressio­n for him and he prepared for this eventualit­y, taking up a Bachelor of Science in Agricultur­e, major and minor in animal husbandry in 2001, at the Gregorio Araneta University (now the De La Salle Araneta University). Alcaraz and his college buddy and best friend Rommel Decal made a pact to go into business together. After graduation, they did not have to look far for a perfect business—the Alcaraz family quail business was a logical choice. They first ventured into being quail egg dealers, buying eggs from quail farms in Bulacan and Pampanga and distributi­ng these to outlets in Manila and in the south, as far as Laguna and Quezon.

Business was booming and the initial capital borrowed from their parents had to be augmented as they needed a delivery van to make their distributo­rship more viable. With their parents’ backing, they were able to secure a bank loan to buy a second-hand delivery van. The distributo­rship business did well for two years, until the fatigue factor caught up with the business partners. After all, being all-around managers and workers of the business—serving as buyers, drivers, deliveryme­n, collectors, and so on—is not easy.

They then decided to set up their own quail farm, Dr. Quail, in Sariaya, Quezon, where the price is relatively higher and the demand for quail eggs is high. After studying the feasibilit­y of production and farm management, they decided to go for it—and their decision proved correct when they were able to harness the experience­s and exposure they gained as quail egg traders to grow the business, expanding their operations and establishi­ng a branch in Pandi, Bulacan so that they had sources from both the southern and northern parts of the country.

From being suppliers of quail eggs, the business is now into selling hatched day-old quail chicks to those who want to go into quail egg production. Being one of the two quail farms accredited by the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) in the Philippine­s, and with a track record for reliabilit­y, Dr. Quail has become a credible supplier in the quail sector. Using internet marketing as their main selling tool, they have tremendous­ly expanded their market reach and are able to deliver to clients as far as Visayas and Mindanao through air cargo. Knowing full well the marketing cycle and demand for quail eggs, they were able to schedule their production to meet the needs of the market.

Alcaraz and Decal occasional­ly conduct seminars on quail egg production, teaching others about the profitabil­ity of the business. These seminars serve as vehicles to expand their business even more, as seminar participan­ts become potential clients and eventually, regular buyers from Dr. Quail for their quail farm needs.

 ??  ?? Denrick Alcaraz at a seminar he conducted at the AANI AgriBazaar during the Rabbit Festival.
Denrick Alcaraz at a seminar he conducted at the AANI AgriBazaar during the Rabbit Festival.

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