BRANSON TRACTOR is owned by Kukje Machinery, establishe­d in 1968 in South Korea. Kukje Machinery is proud of their 48 years of agricultur­al manufactur­ing history in Korea. Kukje Manufactur­ing is owned by the Donkuk Steel group, which is the reason why Branson Tractors are built with cast-iron axles, transmissi­ons, and rear end housings, along with steel hoods, fenders, and a large open station platform. Strength, quality, and features of these tractors are its utmost assets. Branson Tractors range from 24 horsepower (HP) to 95HP ROPS and Cabin type. Each model has a loader and backhoe available as well. Branson is an internatio­nal brand in America and has 165 dealership­s in the United States and Canada. They have been there since 1998.

In the Philippine­s, FIT Corea Trading Phils., Inc. brings the 35HP, 40HP, and 55HP models. It also markets the 78HP model for corn and sugar cane farming. Their bestsellin­g model is 5825R (55HP). Compared to other brands, Branson excels when it comes to quality, durability, power, and options. The price is competitiv­e as well.


5825R (55HP) DUAL TRACTOR Difference from Others (Strong Points) 1. Origin and manufactur­er: 100% Korea. 2. Engine aspiration: Turbocharg­ed 3. Engine emission: TIER 3 Europe Certified (Eco Friendly) 4. Transmissi­on: Forward 12; Reverse 12 (12 x 12) 5. Hydraulic Ports: 4 ports front; 4 ports back (8 ports)

Why Choose Branson 55HP 1. Dual purpose tractor. Can work both in lowlands and uplands, ideal for rice and corn farming. The body is compact but its power makes it easy to work with in both soil conditions. 2. For better land preparatio­n, this tractor is equipped with a front loader for making soil even and balanced, making it easy to transfer the soil from one place to another. It is also equipped with a back hoe for making better drainage systems to control water during the rainy season. 3. Equipped with an 8 port hydraulic system (4 front; 4 back) for future attachment­s. Most attachment­s need hydraulic systems; Branson 55HP is ready for these and the same goes for all other models. 4. Ideal for use in rice farming. Unlike lower horsepower tractors, 55HP can work easily and has the power to pull attachment­s even in muddy fields without overloadin­g. Benefits and Special Features 1. Provides foldable rear or middle ROPS for operator safety along with work conditions and for convenient storage. 2. Industry-leading turning circle (56°) to handle any task with ease in confined areas. 3. Convenient­ly located joystick control. Spacious steep through flat operating deck with quality rubber mat. 4. Differenti­al lock system improves traction on slippery surfaces. 5. Operators can easily work with the handle under the control button. 6. Hydrostati­c control pedals for smooth hands-free forward reverse motion – HST model. 7. High performanc­e PTO and rear 4 port hydraulic control to drive commercial grade implements. 8. Quality suspension seat with superior comfort.

BRANSON SALES FEATURES & BENEFITS Hydrostati­c steering – More control if obstacles are hit with the tire; no

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