ONE OF THE PRACTICES on proper pig management includes the use of creep box, which keeps them safe and warm by housing them in a customized wooden box. This practice prevents the death of piglets from the cold weather or from being crushed by the sow.

This is one of the practices being promoted in a collaborat­ive project by the Australian Center for Internatio­nal Agricultur­al Research (ACIAR) and the Philippine Council for Agricultur­e, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Developmen­t (PCAARRD). The project is titled, “Improving the production and competitiv­eness of Australian and Philippine pig production through better health and disease control (AH/2012/066).”

To build the creep box, the following materials should be bought: 5 pieces of lumber, one kilo of #1.5 nails, and half kilo of #2 nails, which has an estimated total cost of R670.

Here are the steps to build the creep box: 1. Assemble the lumber to form a box that can fit the piglets. Secure with nails. 2. Create a small opening in the front to allow the piglets to go in and out. 3. Create a roof using the lumber and build a hole in the middle that can fit a 100-watt incandesce­nt bulb. 4. Make sure that the creep box’s flooring does not touch the floor to prevent water from seeping in.

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