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BRAN­SON TRAC­TOR is owned by Kukje Ma­chin­ery, es­tab­lished in 1968 in South Korea. Kukje Ma­chin­ery is proud of their 48 years of agri­cul­tural man­u­fac­tur­ing his­tory in Korea. Kukje Man­u­fac­tur­ing is owned by the Donkuk Steel group, which is the rea­son why Bran­son Trac­tors are built with cast-iron axles, trans­mis­sions, and rear end hous­ings, along with steel hoods, fend­ers, and a large open sta­tion plat­form. Strength, qual­ity, and fea­tures of these trac­tors are its ut­most as­sets. Bran­son Trac­tors range from 24 horse­power (HP) to 95HP ROPS and Cabin type. Each model has a loader and back­hoe avail­able as well. Bran­son is an in­ter­na­tional brand in Amer­ica and has 165 deal­er­ships in the United States and Canada. They have been there since 1998.

In the Philip­pines, FIT Corea Trad­ing Phils., Inc. brings the 35HP, 40HP, and 55HP mod­els. It also mar­kets the 78HP model for corn and sugar cane farm­ing. Their best­selling model is 5825R (55HP). Com­pared to other brands, Bran­son ex­cels when it comes to qual­ity, dura­bil­ity, power, and op­tions. The price is com­pet­i­tive as well.


5825R (55HP) DUAL TRAC­TOR Dif­fer­ence from Others (Strong Points) 1. Ori­gin and man­u­fac­turer: 100% Korea. 2. En­gine as­pi­ra­tion: Tur­bocharged 3. En­gine emis­sion: TIER 3 Europe Cer­ti­fied (Eco Friendly) 4. Trans­mis­sion: For­ward 12; Re­verse 12 (12 x 12) 5. Hy­draulic Ports: 4 ports front; 4 ports back (8 ports)

Why Choose Bran­son 55HP 1. Dual pur­pose trac­tor. Can work both in low­lands and up­lands, ideal for rice and corn farm­ing. The body is com­pact but its power makes it easy to work with in both soil con­di­tions. 2. For bet­ter land prepa­ra­tion, this trac­tor is equipped with a front loader for mak­ing soil even and bal­anced, mak­ing it easy to trans­fer the soil from one place to an­other. It is also equipped with a back hoe for mak­ing bet­ter drainage sys­tems to con­trol wa­ter dur­ing the rainy sea­son. 3. Equipped with an 8 port hy­draulic sys­tem (4 front; 4 back) for fu­ture at­tach­ments. Most at­tach­ments need hy­draulic sys­tems; Bran­son 55HP is ready for these and the same goes for all other mod­els. 4. Ideal for use in rice farm­ing. Un­like lower horse­power trac­tors, 55HP can work eas­ily and has the power to pull at­tach­ments even in muddy fields with­out over­load­ing. Ben­e­fits and Spe­cial Fea­tures 1. Pro­vides fold­able rear or mid­dle ROPS for op­er­a­tor safety along with work con­di­tions and for con­ve­nient stor­age. 2. In­dus­try-lead­ing turn­ing cir­cle (56°) to han­dle any task with ease in con­fined ar­eas. 3. Con­ve­niently lo­cated joy­stick con­trol. Spa­cious steep through flat op­er­at­ing deck with qual­ity rub­ber mat. 4. Dif­fer­en­tial lock sys­tem im­proves trac­tion on slip­pery sur­faces. 5. Op­er­a­tors can eas­ily work with the han­dle un­der the con­trol but­ton. 6. Hy­dro­static con­trol ped­als for smooth hands-free for­ward re­verse mo­tion – HST model. 7. High per­for­mance PTO and rear 4 port hy­draulic con­trol to drive com­mer­cial grade im­ple­ments. 8. Qual­ity sus­pen­sion seat with su­pe­rior com­fort.

BRAN­SON SALES FEA­TURES & BEN­E­FITS Hy­dro­static steer­ing – More con­trol if ob­sta­cles are hit with the tire; no

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