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MER LAYSON and his wife Mary Ann had a rough jour­ney be­fore they were able to es­tab­lish their busi­ness as soy­bean pro­ces­sors. In Septem­ber 2013, they started their KKK project with a mod­est amount of cap­i­tal, and af­ter com­plet­ing a train­ing ses­sion ini­ti­ated by the Philip­pine Cen­ter for Posthar­vest De­vel­op­ment and Mech­a­niza­tion (PHilMech), in part­ner­ship with the Pam­panga of­fice of the Agri­cul­tural Train­ing In­sti­tute (ATI) of the Depart­ment of Agri­cul­ture (DA).

This was the start of their busi­ness as pro­duc­ers of soya milk and soya cof­fee un­der the KKK brand name. KKK stands for the names of their three chil­dren: Kyla, Kyle, and Kevin.

To add value to their busi­ness, the cou­ple also pro­duces soya ice candy, also un­der the KKK ven­ture. Soya ice candy is packed in a 110-ml hy­gien­i­cally-sealed food grade plas­tic, and sold at a very com­pet­i­tive price. Aside from the health ben­e­fits of soya milk and soya cof­fee, the cou­ple de­cided to pro­duce soya ice candy be­cause they now have a sta­ble source of raw ma­te­ri­als from their own farm in Mex­ico, Pam­panga, which they call Layson Farms. The farm or­gan­i­cally pro­duces about 120 sacks of soy­beans per crop­ping sea­son, enough to sup­ply the needs of the cou­ple’s KKK ven­ture.

Soya milk is a healthy al­ter­na­tive to ice cream, es­pe­cially when re­frig­er­ated to the de­sired tem­per­a­ture. It has the same amount of pro­tein as cow’s milk, which can re­place an­i­mal pro­tein and other sources of di­etary fiber, vi­ta­mins, and min­er­als. But un­like cow’s milk, soya milk has lit­tle sat­u­rated fat and no choles­terol.

Soya beans are the healthy raw ma­te­rial used to process soya ice candy.

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