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AUTHEN­TIC or­ganic agri­cul­ture is the key to un­lock­ing soils’ high­est po­ten­tial with the use of ox­i­dized lig­nite (Leonardite). It was named af­ter the ge­ol­o­gist dis­cov­erer Dr. Leonard, hence Leonardite. It is clas­si­fied as a su­per com­post as it was un­der­neath the ground for thou­sands of years when it was formed. In com­par­i­son with a man-made com­post which takes months, what makes su­per com­post “su­per” is due to the length of time it takes for na­ture ASEAN Agri-Food Trade, 2010 and 2016 Coun­try

Thai­land In­done­sia Malaysia Viet­nam Philip­pines Ex­ports

40.7 34.7 30.5 17.3 4.3 2010 (US$B) Im­ports

10.7 13.5 16.2 8.7 7.0 Bal­ance

+30.0 +21.2 +14.3 +8.6 -2.7 Ex­ports

42.2 36.5 26.7 23.1 5.1 to make it.

Lig­nite are com­plex nat­u­ral or­ganic com­pounds that are formed in the soils from plant and an­i­mal residues by a process of hu­mi­fi­ca­tion. It is a com­plex ag­gre­gate of brown to dark col­ored amor­phous sub­stances which have orig­i­nated from the de­com­po­si­tion of plant and an­i­mal residues by micro­organ­isms. It con­tains nu­tri­ents such as ni­trates, potas­sium, zinc, phos­phates and cop­per that plants need to be healthy and re­silient, and with­out which the plants will not flour­ish. Levers in agri de­vel­op­ment. Why do na­tions suc­ceed in agri­cul­ture while oth­ers do not? Here are some strate­gic fac­tors:

• In­sti­tu­tions. The qual­ity of gov­er­nance, mer­i­to­cratic civil ser­vice, ro­bust­ness of re­search and ex­ten­sion, and political sta­bil­ity. • Poli­cies on land ac­cess, sin­gle-crop fo­cus, and in­fra­struc­ture in­vest­ments. • Nat­u­ral en­dow­ment. The op­ti­mal uti­liza­tion of land, wa­ter, and sea re­sources. The Philip­pines is be­hind in aqua­cul­ture and tree crops de­vel­op­ment

The com­par­a­tive an­a­lyt­ics shows that the Philip­pines has to work dou­ble­time and learn hard lessons from its ASEAN peers. Poverty re­duc­tion calls for broad-based, mar­ket-led de­vel­op­ment. Job cre­ation is key. The ru­ral sec­tor is in dire need of pri­vate in­vest­ments and man­age­ment skills.

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