What should a dog owner look for in dog food?

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You need to choose which type is best for your lifestyle and that of your dog first. Ar­jan out­lined the three types of dog food: dry, wet, and raw. Dry food is con­ve­nient― easy to pre­pare, less messy, and easily stored―of­ten the cheap­est, and doesn’t spoil easily. The wet type is of­ten pro­cessed and con­tains more mois­ture, pro­tein, and fat. “Given its form, dogs will re­quire more of it,” Ar­jan notes; thus it may be more ex­pen­sive. He cau­tions, “If your dog does not fin­ish wet food off im­me­di­ately, it can and will spoil easily. Bac­te­rial con­tam­i­na­tion is the main cause of spoilage for canned wet dog food. Once opened, it is best to let the dog fin­ish it all. If un­fin­ished, you can trans­fer it to a sealed plas­tic con­tainer and store it in the freezer but it can­not be kept for a long time. Ap­prox­i­mately 1 to 2 months’ stor­age is op­ti­mal.”

The most ex­pen­sive, Ar­jan says, “…is the ‘nat­u­ral’ or raw diet,” of­ten fed by those “…who be­lieve it is bet­ter to feed your dog fresh meat in or­der to repli­cate the food that they eat in the wild.” It’s de­rived from food pre­pared and fit for hu­man con­sump­tion such as mar­ket grade beef, pork, lamb, and goat meat. Next, it is im­por­tant for dog own­ers to know what your dogs need, says Katy. “The fac­tors to con­sider are the age, breed, body con­di­tion, and ac­tiv­ity level of the dogs. Dog own­ers should check the crude pro­tein con­tent of dog food. For ex­am­ple, Yum Yum Dog Food Adult, which has 21% crude pro­tein, is spe­cially for­mu­lated for dogs 12 months and older in age and for large breed dogs, while Yum Yum Dog Food Hi Pro­tein with 27% crude pro­tein is suited for small breeds, high-energy dogs, and even pup­pies,” she ex­plains.

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