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In fish­keep­ing, some of the things we do suc­cess­fully can be­come our reg­u­lar fish hus­bandry prac­tices. Take feed­ing our fish, for ex­am­ple. I know for a fact that some mon­ster fish keep­ers buy a bag of feeder fish and dump the whole bag in the tank to en­joy the feed­ing frenzy that re­sults. This is an ex­cit­ing way of feed­ing your fish and has some ad­van­tages; for one, this can help them at­tain big sizes quickly.

How­ever, this is quite risky since over­feed­ing mon­ster fish can cause them to vomit. And once this hap­pens, it spoils the wa­ter and kills the fish.

If you hap­pen to be at home when this hap­pens, you can take ac­tion. If the wa­ter is spoiled, a wa­ter change can’t do much. If you have aged wa­ter on hand, do a 100% wa­ter change and then clean the fil­ter. Then they might have a chance. If you’re deal­ing with this sit­u­a­tion, quick think­ing and swift ac­tion is re­quired. The best thing to do is to trans­fer them to another tank, and hope that they aren’t stressed out by the pro­ce­dure.

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