Koi-re­lated terms com­monly used in the Philip­pines:

Animal Scene - - FINS, FEATHERS, & FUR -

• Feed­ers: These are sin­gle color koi, usu­ally white or orange. Fish with de­for­mi­ties also fall in this cat­e­gory. They are sold in pet shops as food for larger fish such as os­cars, arowanas, and bass.

• Pet shop qual­ity: These are mostly mul­ti­color fish with un­sat­is­fac­tory pat­terns or col­ors

• Gar­den koi: These are the same as the pet shop qual­ity fish, ex­cept they are sold in larger sizes, nor­mally 8 inches and big­ger

• Class AAA: These fish have good pat­terns, col­ors, and body sizes, but have mi­nor faults such as blem­ishes

• EQ: Also known as ex­port qual­ity koi, these are com­pa­ra­ble to the high value im­ported koi be­ing sold in the mar­ket.

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