The Com­pan­ion


The film “Hachiko,” based on a re­al­life dog who loy­ally con­tin­ued to wait for his master at the Shibuya sta­tion nine years after the master died, moved Kim Pasco greatly. Prior to that, she had owned small dogs, in­clud­ing her fe­male Chi­huahua, and she de­cided to add Gon, who was of a big­ger breed, as a guard dog. She fell in love with the tiny Rot­tie who was the sole male in his lit­ter and who ap­peared to be bul­lied by his sis­ters.

Most of the time, Kim is alone. “… but [this doesn’t bother me] since I’m with all my fur kids: 4 Chi­huahuas, 1 toy poo­dle, 1 pit bull, and 1 Rot­tweiler…i feel safe around them.” She adds that her stress and sad­ness are ban­ished by her crit­ters, who never fail to cheer her up, and she’s had them since she was in her third year of col­lege—and now, she has her own fam­ily!

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