What about pre­scrip­tion di­ets for cer­tain med­i­cal con­di­tions?

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K & % medicine, let alone food as your medicine, as as­serted by Hip­pocrates. Hip­pocrates said al­most 2,500 years ago, O @ % the pa­tient with food.” (A mod­ern-day para­phrase). In or­der for us to un­der­stand the mod­ern-de­riv­a­tive of this ap­proach to al­le­vi­a­tion of ill­ness, let us ex­am­ine fac­tual, his­tor­i­cal ac­counts from as early as 1929. In the late 1930s, Mor­ris Frank, a young blind man, was tour­ing the coun­try with his guide dog, Buddy, pro­mot­ing See­ing Eye dogs. How­ever, Buddy, a Q % * $ * and Mr. Frank asked Dr. Mark Mor­ris Sr. for help. Dr. X& Z @$% nutri­tion, so he de­vel­oped a new pet food with his wife, Louise Mor­ris, in their kitchen. Louise and three other women con­tin­ued mak­ing the food in the Mor­ris fam­ily base­ment, stor­ing it in Ball jars. Rar­i­tan Ra­tion B was the fore­run­ner of Ca­nine pre­scrip­tion di­ets and was de­vel­oped for dogs with re­nal fail­ure and in­suf­fi­ciency. There was no se­cret for­mula in this dog food but an es­tab­lished link be­tween high phos­pho­rus and high pro­tein con­tent as be­ing dele­te­ri­ous to an al­ready fail­ing kid­ney. Then this ra­tion was for­mu­lated in such a way that it had sig­nif­i­cantly lower phos­pho­rus, lower salt con­tent, as well as pro­tein with high bioavail­abil­ity with­out sac­ri­fic­ing palata­bil­ity. Med­i­cal and ge­netic con­di­tions like am­mo­nium urate uroliths in Dal­ma­tians: In cases of se­vere, acute dy­suria and stran­guria, the only rem­edy is surgery to prevent blad­der rup­ture. Urate and xan­thine uroliths are gen­er­ally un­com­mon, ex­cept in dal­ma­tians. (Ce­cilia Villaverde, Urates in blad­der dis­ease, Waltham Fo­cus vol. $( )%* ( % +* % % ). Af­ter which post-sur­gi­cal di­etary man­age­ment must be done to prevent re­cur­rence of urate stone for­ma­tion.

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