Hunt­ing habits and diet

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Given the pray­ing man­tises hunt­ing adap­ta­tions to $ > * are car­niv­o­rous in­sects. The row of sharp spines in the folded forelegs al­low th­ese legs to act like traps. A pray­ing man­tis will typ­i­cally re­main un­mov­ing in their cho­sen hunt­ing spot un­til an­other in­sect or even % % * $ ] * % $ the leg spines and the folded leg po­si­tion. The man­tis will then par­a­lyze the prey by biting into its neck. It is also from this point that the man­tis will de­vour its prey alive. It’s im­por­tant to note that the pray­ing man­tis is not ven­omous, and its bite $ * should still be care­ful around the larger kinds.

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