COVER STORY The Brit­tany: More Set­ter than Spaniel by Yvette Tan

Animal Scene - - CONTENTS - Text by YVETTE TAN Pho­tos by JEF­FREY C. LIM

The Brit­tany is a medium-sized dog known for its ath­letic­ity and friendly be­hav­ior. It takes its name from Brit­tany in France, its place of origin.

Š! " & % bird dogs and hunt­ing dogs, these are dogs that ! ! & % Š! un­der three main cat­e­gories: pointers and set­ters, or breeds that alert hunters to the where­abouts of their game such as the English Poin­ter and English Set­ter; or breeds that move the birds to­wards the hunters such as the English Cocker Spaniel; and re­triev­ers, which pick up the fallen birds and bring them to the hunter, such as the Golden Re­triever.

Š! " & = " ! Spaniel. There has been some con­tention with the ‘spaniel’ in its name, be­cause de­spite look­ing like a spaniel, its hunt­ing habits more re­sem­ble that of a poin­ter or set­ter. This is also why it’s often in­cluded ! " Š! Ken­nel Club for­mally dropped the ‘spaniel’ from its name in 1982.

Š! % 9 $ / Europe), though Efren Sy, Jr. is try­ing to change ! ! "{ ! " % ^ = ! & % ! ! ^ = al­ready a show cham­pion be­fore he hit two years old, is de­scended from the cur­rent world cham­pion. “This lit­ter had seven on nine pup­pies be­cause when the Brit­tany gives birth, it’s a big lit­ter. I * " & * didn’t know at that time that this breed ma­tures late. He’ll be three in June. He’ll be big­ger, more beau­ti­ful,” Sy says.

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