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Caiman keeper Donie S. Re­gala tells us more about the Caiman crocodilus.

Q: What makes it chal­leng­ing to care for a caiman?

It’s the con­stant risk of get­ting bit­ten by one. [At one point], I got bit­ten and my en­tire fin­ger al­most got mu­ti­lated.

Caimans are very un­pre­dictable an­i­mals that must al­ways be han­dled with ex­treme cau­tion and re­spect. My caiman is slightly ter­ri­to­rial, but af­ter five min­utes of han­dling, it even­tu­ally calms down. Q: What do Spec­ta­cled Caimans eat?

I feed them a mixed diet of chicken, pork, beef chops, carabao chops, rats, and frogs to main­tain their health and sup­port their nu­tri­tional needs.

Q: How do you keep them happy?

Al­ways make sure they have ac­cess to wa­ter where they can swim, and a bask­ing area with nat­u­ral sun­light. Caimans love two things: sun and wa­ter.

Q: What lessons have you learned car­ing for these won­der­ful crea­tures?

Han­dle them with ex­treme care, cau­tion, and alert­ness. Al­ways re­spect these an­i­mals.

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