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Jino is aware of the bad rap the Presa Ca­nario gets as one of the most vi­cious dog breeds in the world, to which he says, “I al­ways let the breed speak for it­self. You have to see them and in­ter­act with them in per­son to know. For Pre­sas, you re­ally have to step up and be the pack leader and al­pha.”

They are min­i­mal shed­ders and drool­ers who are gen­er­ally quiet and com­posed, un­less their area of re­spon­si­bil­ity is en­croached upon. “It’s up to the own­ers of the dogs to en­force rules and lim­i­ta­tions for the dog to fol­low. Even Ce­sar Mil­lan says it’s not the dog’s size but the en­ergy that the owner projects to the dog.

“I could tell you ev­ery­thing I know about Pre­sas but it still wouldn’t do them jus­tice. They re­ally are a very spe­cial breed.”

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