Hail the re­tired heroes!

To date, Hound Haven is home to eight for­mer sol­diers.

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Chuchi, 8 and Chuchu, 3, both Bel­gian Mali­nois dogs, served in the Philip­pine Army’s Marawi op­er­a­tions as ex­plo­sive de­tec­tion dogs. They were re­tired from ser­vice af­ter they lost their drive to sniff out bombs.

Like many mil­i­tary vet­er­arns, they suf­fered post-trau­matic stress dis­or­der (PTSD). Many of these dogs also ex­pe­ri­ence “hu­man-like long-term re­ac­tions such as anx­i­ety and panic at­tacks”, ac­cord­ing to an ar­ti­cle on vet­eran dogs and PTSD by Joe Wilkes for “Dog Whis­perer” Ce­sar Mil­lan’s web­site.

“Dur­ing de­ploy­ment in dif­fer­ent K-9 de­tach­ments, our MWDS are sub­jected to dif­fer­ent stresses,” claimed San Juan. “The MWDS could suf­fer from PTSD, as in one case in Marawi City, be­cause of the loud bomb­ing and war set­ting.”

Arce­bal said Chuchu ad­justed sur­pris­ingly well in the sanc­tu­ary, but Chuchi still had a long way to go. Arce­bal was con­fi­dent that de­spite Chuchi’s oc­ca­sional ag­gres­sion, she would re­cover from her emo­tional wounds.

2. FYT

He is a 10-year-old Dutch Shep­ard who spe­cial­ized in ex­plo­sives. His ser­vice ended be­cause of his in­abil­ity to de­tect bombs dur­ing a train­ing course.

“We’re think­ing of en­rolling Fyt in the Dr. Dog Pro­gram of the Philip­pine An­i­mal Wel­fare So­ci­ety (PAWS). If some­one adopts him, we want them to con­tinue his en­roll­ment in the pro­gram,” added Arce­bal.


Chika was the very first K-9 turned over to the Hound Haven. This 11-year-old Bel­gian Mali­nois worked as an ex­plo­sive de­tec­tion dog in Bo­ra­cay be­fore re­tir­ing due to old age.

Though she was sup­posed to be adopted by a fam­ily, the Hound Haven fam­ily couldn’t find the heart to let go.

“[Some­one al­ready passed the adop­tion screen­ing. How­ever, we couldn’t give her away.] So we had to tell the fam­ily po­litely that she wasn’t up for adop­tion any­more,” said Arce­bal with a laugh.


She is a six-year-old Bel­gian Mali­nois who worked in the army in ex­plo­sive de­tec­tion. Though she was con­sid­ered a cham­pion dog, Toot­sie was taken out of ser­vice af­ter bit­ing her han­dler.

“We were ini­tially afraid of Toot­sie be­cause of her history, but she hasn’t bit­ten any­one else. All she needed was pa­tience on our part,” said Hound Haven han­dler Reuben.

5. AY-AY

She is a six-year-old aspin and is a prod­uct of the army’s Aspin Train­ing Pro­gram a few years ago. How­ever, the han­dlers dis­cov­ered that Ayay had lost the drive to work. They thought it was prob­a­bly due to the ca­nine’s do­mes­tic roots.

“Ay-ay is ac­tu­ally our smartest. Ay-ay could open the ken­nel, which was why we had to use a pad­lock,” stated Arce­bal, ad­ding that the aspin tracker once climbed their fence and es­caped the hound.


He was a hol­i­day res­cue. About to be eu­th­a­nized by his hu­mans due to a de­for­mity, Diego was res­cued and ul­ti­mately raised by Hound Haven’s vet.


These two are re­cent ad­di­tions to the Hound Haven fam­ily. They ar­rived in the third week of July from Iloilo and Cagayan de Oro, re­spec­tively.

Ac­cord­ing to army of­fi­cials, Grace also had PTSD and was afraid of en­gine sounds.

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