To spay or not to spay

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I’m wor­ried that my cat might not like get­ting neutered. What if she wants to have chil­dren like I do? Wouldn’t my de­ci­sion to spay her in­fringe on her choices? I want to make sure I’m do­ing right by her.

Mar­lon Orteza

Dear Mar­lon,

As a fe­male cat, I would like to re­mind you that a lot of what we do is based on our in­stincts. When we look for mates, it’s be­cause our hor­mones don’t give us much of a choice. Un­like hu­mans, we don’t ac­tu­ally en­joy mat­ing; it’s some­thing we feel ob­li­gated to do. But once we do get neutered, we no longer feel the need male. We are calmer, less ter­ri­to­rial, health­ier, and much hap­pier! Sitti the Cat

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