Adopt­able Al­lura

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The dog was bark­ing non­stop. He stayed at the door, sniff­ing at the gap un­der it as he barked with gusto. When I opened the door, there was a kit­ten me­ow­ing at me and ask­ing to be let in!

I bet she would have knocked if she could. In a man­ner of speak­ing, she al­ready did.

My boyfriend and I gave her food and wa­ter. She con­tin­ued to meow even as she chewed, mak­ing funny nom-nom-nom sounds as she hun­grily gob­bled up her food. She would prob­a­bly strike a con­ver­sa­tion as she ate if she could, just to keep us there with her.

Luck­ily, it was only a few months ago when we last fos­tered an­other kit­ten and the makeshift home I used was still set up. I brought out food and wa­ter bowls and a lit­ter box. I used card­board and a folded blan­ket to in­su­late her tem­po­rary home, just in case it got cold in the night and our young fe­line vis­i­tor needed a place to stay.

Come night­time, she used the lit­ter box, ate her food, and slept like the baby that she was.

I dubbed her Al­lura af­ter the princess in the an­i­mated se­ries Voltron be­cause her po­ten­tial purrent shared the name of one of the five Voltron pal­adins.

Meet Al­lura. I named her af­ter the princess in the an­i­mated se­ries Voltron.

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