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An­other dif­fer­ence lies in their over­all size. Al­though this is true only 80 per­cent of the time, it is a prac­ti­cal dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion that could be help­ful to fish­keep­ers.

Up­per Jaw Bichirs are gen­er­ally smaller than the Lower Jaw Bichirs. The lat­ter are the giants, grow­ing 24 inches or more, prob­a­bly the big­gest among the genus Polypterus.

Most Up­per Jaw Bichirs gen­er­ally grow about 12 to 14 inches, with P. or­natip­in­nis reach­ing 24 inches, P. teugelsi max­ing out at 22 inches, and P. week­sii a lit­tle less. The long­est Up­per Jaw Bichir is the E. cal­abar­i­cus, which is said to reach 36 inches in length but is re­ally a very slen­der fish.

If you col­lect big fishes, go for Lower Jaw Bichirs.

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