un­der the Polypterus gen­era, in­clud­ing the sole Er­peto­ichthys species:

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• P. sene­galus sene­galus • P. del­hezi • P. pal­mas pal­mas • P. pal­mas polli • P. pal­mas buet­tikoferi • P. week­sii • P. or­natip­in­nis • P. teugelsi • P. retropin­nis • P. mokelem­be­mbe • Er­peto­ichthys cal­abar­i­cus

Com­bin­ing both lists gives you the 15 de­scribed Polypterus and the ad­di­tional E. cal­abar­i­cus species, for a to­tal of 16 de­scribed Bichirs.

Among the un­de­scribed Bichir species, Polypterus sene­galus merid­ion­alis is an Up­per Jaw Bichir, but is said to be ex­tinct. Among the un­de­scribed Lower Jaw Bichirs, we have the fol­low­ing:

• Polypterus sp Kolo­ton • Polypterus sp Koliba • Polypterus sp Dabola • Polypterus bichir katan­gae (may also be ex­tinct)

While the un­de­scribed species are of­ten­times dis­cussed and ac­cepted in the Bichir keep­ers’ cir­cle, they are still very much un­ac­cepted in the sci­en­tific com­mu­nity. Tech­ni­cally, they are yet to be in­cluded in the of­fi­cial list of Polypterus species.

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