Why save snakes?

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Is the only good snake a dead snake?

Not re­ally. Snakes are mis­un­der­stood crea­tures that are of­ten por­trayed as the bad guys of the an­i­mal king­dom. Ac­cord­ing to a 2014 ar­ti­cle by Grant Smith in Capes­nake­con­ser­va­tion.com, they ac­tu­ally do a lot of good for the ecosys­tem, such as keep­ing ro­dent pop­u­la­tions in check. They even help pre­vent Lyme dis­ease, since they prey on the small ro­dents that carry it, said Ja­son Bit­tel in a 2013 ar­ti­cle pub­lished in Huff­in­g­ton Post.

The shed skin of snakes are use­ful, too! Snake skins con­tain nu­tri­ents that cy­cle through food webs and even­tu­ally make their way back to the earth, and some bird species use them in build­ing their nests.

Snakes are harm­less in most cases, and the ma­jor­ity of the species found in the Philip­pines are not dan­ger­ous to hu­mans, ac­cord­ing to Le­vi­ton and col­leagues in The Co­ral Tri­an­gle: The 2011 Hearst Philip­pines Bio­di­ver­sity Ex­pe­di­tion. Ven­omous or not, all snakes play an im­por­tant role in the ecosys­tem and de­serve to be treated with care.

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