These are the com­mon va­ri­eties:

Animal Scene - - FINS, FEATHERS AND FUR -

1. Cyr­to­cara moorii pop­u­larly called Blue Moorii, Blue Dol­phin Cich­lid, Malawi Blue Dol­phin Cich­lid, or Hump­heads. I am not a fan of Haps but one of may fa­vorite African Cich­lids is this va­ri­ety.

2. Sci­aenochromi­s fry­eri called Elec­tric Blue, Hap Ahli, or Blue Ahli.

3. Haplochrom­is Com­pres­si­ceps, Com­pres­si­ceps, Eyebiter - quite pe­cu­liar look­ing fish. Some­times, I can see the im­age of a horse im­age with this species.

4. Venus­tus Nim­bochromis - known as Venus­tus or Gi­raffe Cich­lid. This is a big fish that can grow to a length of ten inches. It has a yel­low body cov­ered with splotches of brown. Males de­velop an at­trac­tive blue face and head as they ma­ture.

5. Nim­bochromis liv­ingstonii - com­monly called Liv­ingstonii. Like the Venus­tus, it can also reach close to ten inches.

6. Copadichro­mis bor­leyi dubbed the Red Fin Kadango, Redfin Hap, or Goldfin Hap. Their av­er­age size is around 6 inches.

Haplochrom­is Cich­lids, more pop­u­larly known as Haps, are best ap­pre­ci­ated for their col­ors af­ter reach­ing adult­hood. Fe­males nor­mally have a dull color.

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