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Then, you whis­pered in my ear. You told me that from that mo­ment on, you would adopt me and I would no longer be just a fos­ter baby. What did that mean, Me­owmy? Did it mean I could go home with you for the rest of my life if I lived through it all?

That brought me so much joy. I was no longer an or­phan! I knew you were my Me­owmy all along! I wanted to meow with joy but I was too weak to even keep my eyes open. I could hear your voice. You didn’t want to leave me. You told me I didn’t have to hold on for you and that if I was too tired, I could just let go.

Thank you, Me­owmy. It was all I wanted to hear. I was too guilty to fall asleep be­cause I didn’t want to make you sad, un­til you said it was al­right.

My soul left my body in my sleep. No more pain for me, Me­owmy. I earned my beau­ti­ful an­gel wings that morn­ing.

I wanted to hug you when you cried. I wanted to purr when you took my life­less body home. I wanted to sleep on your lap. I wanted to squeak my hello. I’m sorry I couldn’t, Me­owmy. I know it sad­dens

you that I’m gone, but don’t you see? I died know­ing what love was be­cause I lived know­ing you.

I will wait for you over the rain­bow bridge. Will you still rec­og­nize me, now that I have fancy wings in­stead of a wound on my back?

Thank you for the noms. Thank you for the lul­la­bies. Thank you for the kisses and hugs. You see, Me­owmy, I was with you for just a month, but I left with a life­time’s worth of mem­o­ries.

Best. Life. Ever.

This bed was meant for me when I got sick, but I hated it! I slept on Me­owmy’s bed in­stead!

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