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Has your pet ever ran­domly started bark­ing? Usu­ally you find out it’s be­cause there’s a stray an­i­mal out­side your home or just a shadow of some­one pass­ing by. But has it ever hap­pened for no rea­son and there were nei­ther stray an­i­mals nor hu­mans around? One ac­count told by a friend, An­gela, talks about just that kind of ex­pe­ri­ence. “Me and my dogs are just in a room to­gether, they’re rest­ing, when sud­denly they get up and glare at a cor­ner in the room and start bark­ing like mad,” says a friend when asked about odd be­hav­ior in pets. “My whole body [freezes] and gets chills. [We’re] in the room for hours and sud­denly they start bark­ing. It’s the type of bark­ing that means they’re try­ing to scare some­one [away] or get some­one to leave.” Is there ac­tu­ally some­thing in­side the room or are the dogs just bark­ing for no rea­son? She says she never gets to find out and doesn’t want to bother. “It isn’t ever in the same room. It’s ei­ther in the liv­ing room or my bed­room. And, well, I’m not hav­ing that, dog­gies. Bye.”

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