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Movies that show griev­ing an­i­mals al­ways tug at our heart­strings be­cause we know that sto­ries can be rather close to re­al­ity — some­times, too close to re­al­ity. For in­stance, the movie about Hachikõ the dog who kept com­ing back to the train sta­tion to wait for a hu­man com­pan­ion who never came back, was based on a true story.

Most, if not all, of us have seen com­pan­ion an­i­mals griev­ing a loss in real life. There were those who stayed

at their hu­man com­pan­ions’ graves af­ter funer­als, those who kept com­ing back to where they once lived with their hu­mans, those who wouldn’t leave their de­ceased hu­man’s side, and those who whim­pered and cried af­ter hear­ing a de­ceased per­son’s voice.

Los­ing a loved one could lead to de­pres­sion and — if not dealt with prop­erly — death, which is why pro­fes­sional help is needed to help an an­i­mal deal with grief.

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