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You loved me since the day I knocked on your door. I was in­jured and hun­gry but that didn’t mat­ter; you were there, and you had a smile on your face. Al­ready, I knew I had found my for­ever-home.

What I failed to tell you, Me­owmy, was that I was al­ready sick. I was just a kit­ten, you see, and my life as a stray had been rather aw­ful. I had noth­ing to eat but scraps of food and noth­ing to drink but dirty wa­ter. I had nowhere to go when­ever it rained. I was un­wanted and unloved.

On top of things, I was also dy­ing.

That same day I knocked on your door, you gave me some­thing to eat and drink. What you didn’t know was that you also gave me hope. I knew I didn’t have much time left, but meet­ing you made that short time worth my while. I knew life was go­ing to get bet­ter, even if it was go­ing to be cut short.

Since that day, I had al­ways felt safe. I knew there would al­ways be food and clean wa­ter for me. I knew I

would have a com­fort­able place to sleep, no mat­ter the weather. I knew you would al­ways be there, your lap al­ways warm, your voice al­ways kind.

That was why I feel guilty

for not telling you sooner about my ill­ness. You see, I didn’t want to be a bur­den to you.

I’m sorry, Me­owmy, if my death came as a sur­prise.

I love to sit on peo­ple’s laps! Me­owmy took this photo of me and Daddy three days be­fore I crossed the rain­bow bridge.

Me­owmy’s lap is the safest place on earth.

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