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CSome of the ad­van­tages of us­ing brine shrimp in­clude avail­abil­ity, quick hatch­ing time, easy hatch­ery setup, ab­sence of foul smell in con­trast to other live food, suit­abil­ity as first food for gold­fish fry, and their dis­ease-free na­ture. The quan­tity needed for hatch­ing is also eas­ily mea­sured, and they can live for sev­eral days with­out feed­ing. How­ever, the hatch­ery setup needs to be con­structed or pur­chased, and they’re quite ex­pen­sive com­pared to other fry foods. It also takes time to use them as feeds.

I be­lieve the ad­van­tages far out­weigh the disad­van­tages. I also en­joy the process of si­phon­ing and har­vest­ing newly hatched brine shrimp.

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