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The Philip­pine tree squir­rel can be found at el­e­va­tions up to 2,100 me­ters, such as on Mt. Hami­gu­i­tan, lo­cated at the Pu­jada Penin­sula within the East­ern Min­danao Bio­di­ver­sity Cor­ri­dor in Davao Ori­en­tal, which was des­ig­nated as the coun­try’s sixth World Her­itage site in June 2014. Aside from the Philip­pine tree squir­rel, other wild en­demic fauna like the Hami­gu­i­tan hairy-tailed rat, Philip­pine palm civet, Philip­pine field rat, the Min­danao wild pig, and the Philip­pine deer call it home along­side the Philip­pine ea­gle, the Min­danao bleed­ing heart dove, the Philip­pine cock­a­too, and the rare Delias magsadana but­ter­fly. They can be found in tree cav­i­ties, or high up in the trees in spher­i­cal nests con­structed out of twigs, leaves, and shred­ded bark. Squir­rel nests are called “dreys”, and are of­ten built in tree crotches about 30 to 45 feet above ground.

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