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Who can for­get about Char­lotte’s Web, a well-known chil­dren’s book about the friend­ship of Wil­bur the pig and Char­lotte the spi­der? This story has in­spired so many peo­ple to go ve­gan, or to at least re­al­ize that an­i­mals have feel­ings, too! Liv­ing in a farm­house most of his life, E.B. White was sur­rounded by dif­fer­ent kinds of an­i­mals. See­ing how in­tel­li­gent these be­ings were and both­ered by what hap­pened to them once they were taken to the slaugh­ter­house, White felt the need to write a story about farm an­i­mals, as shared by Abra­ham Piper in his ar­ti­cle at Twenty Two Words. White de­cided to write a novel about res­cu­ing a live­stock pig but was not sure who to pick as the “knight in shin­ing ar­mor.” He even­tu­ally found in­spi­ra­tion in a small but eye-catch­ing gray spi­der in his house, ac­cord­ing to a 2011 ar­ti­cle at Writer’s Digest. The spi­der proved her­self an artist af­ter she metic­u­lously wove an in­tri­cate web. The spi­der may be small, but she -- along with other farm an­i­mals -- played a huge role in White’s life and be­came an even big­ger part of ev­ery­one’s child­hood: She was an in­spi­ra­tion for one of the main char­ac­ters in the best-sell­ing book.

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