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Named for its deep blue -al­most indigo -- crown, this lit­tle bird is na­tive to Min­danao, ac­cord­ing to Wild­screen Arkive. They have marks of the same color around their red, dag­ger­like bills, mak­ing them look like they have a cheeky lit­tle mus­tache; the rest of them is a deep or­ange. Since they keep so still and only oc­ca­sion­ally dive down for fish, they are dif­fi­cult to find, but their calls can be heard just be­fore dawn. In­stead of fish, they feed mostly on smaller frogs and some bugs -- lo­custs, bee­tles, and snails, just to name a few. These are an ac­tive, rel­a­tively so­cial bunch, with a mat­ing sea­son that can span for more than half the year.

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