Animal Scene - - FINS, FEATHERS, AND FUR -

1 SIL­VER AN­GELFISH – sil­ver body with two stripes on the body and one along the eyes

2 GOLDEN – Gold body with

black eyes

3 ZE­BRA OR BANDED – sil­ver body with four to six ver­ti­cal stripes

4 SIL­VER LACE – sil­ver an­gel with lace pat­terns

5 HALF­BACK – sil­ver with a black rear por­tion

6 SMOKEY – com­bi­na­tion of black and sil­ver, but with a gray ap­pear­ance

7 BLUSH­ING – the term comes from the clear gill plates found in ju­ve­niles, with pink­ish gills un­der­neath KOI

8 AN­GELFISH – gold with black mar­bling; no stripes if with orange col­oration.

9 LEOP­ARD – with spots over most of their bod­ies, which even­tu­ally grow closer to­gether dur­ing adult­hood

10 GHOST – no stripes; mostly, sil­ver fish have a stripe through the eye and tail

11 M ARBLE – black pat­tern with gold mar­ble (a more pop­u­lar type)

A 12 LBINO – re­ces­sive trait; eyes are ei­ther red or yel­low

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