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Hav­ing fif­teen fluffy butts to take care of can feel over­whelm­ing, but I take com­fort in these repet­i­tive, mun­dane tasks that help me step out of my desk to gather my thoughts. These mommy du­ties are some­how ther­a­peu­tic for me. I’m the type of cre­ative per­son that gets most of my ideas do­ing or­di­nary chores.

Cats thrive in routine and are sen­si­tive to the tim­ing of their meals and to clean lit­ter boxes. I may be a good can­di­date to run such a multi-cat house­hold as I whole­heart­edly love clean­ing and chan­nel­ing the great Marie Kondo.

It might look chaotic from another per­son’s per­spec­tive to have fif­teen cats to care for, or one may just bor­row my view when 88 per­cent of them come rush­ing to me as I visit them in their room. Why 88 per­cent, you might ask? These are cats af­ter all, and to com­mand the pres­ence of all the cats at the same time is an im­pos­si­ble act... un­less you have treats.

6. A com­mon oc­cur­rence when you have a warm bed and lots of cats. 7. CC is some­how the leader of the pack, not that the pack fol­lows their leader. She is very vo­cal when I’m late with my cat mommy tasks. 8. Some­times, they do like to bully one another. This is me stalk­ing them from a lit­tle win­dow from my of­fice. 9. Fresh wa­ter is al­ways ready and spread all around the area. 10. Oh, how many slip­pers we man­gled since I be­came a cat par­ent! It’s okay, as long as the cats are happy.

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