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Cats are mys­te­ri­ous crea­tures and that is ex­actly why we feel en­am­ored by them. Their per­son­al­i­ties are why hi­lar­i­ous in­ter­net memes ex­ist! Honor a cat’s unique­ness and let them ex­press them­selves their own way. They have their own brand of love and it is up to us to ex­plore and un­der­stand that.

Re­ally, there is no per­fect cat. My cat CC – who, for me, is the most an­gelic cat one can ever have – knocks my things off hap­pily to the floor when­ever she’s bored. My black-and-white cat Creamo scratches and bites me if I touch her white spots, which make up 80 per­cent of her body; how­ever, I can tell she loves me by the way she stretches her body around me. My or­ange cat, whom I cre­atively named Or­ange, tol­er­ates un­lim­ited hugs, while fel­low or­ange cat Bunny bites or paws my face if I even try.

Hav­ing 15 cats with dif­fer­ent per­son­al­i­ties makes our home in­ter­est­ing and real! Mean­while, my cats are judg­ing me as to whether or not I am a per­fect hu­man. (I’m not.) See you in my next ar­ti­cle.

When a cat hisses, it is best to step back. When a cat yawns, take lots of pic­tures.

Moon­cake is a di­lute cal­ico with the re­do­r­ange color ap­pear­ing creamy and the black spots look­ing a bit grey.

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